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My name is Nancy Giovannini and I've been working with web sites in some fashion or another since the mid-nineties. I live in beautiful Sonoma County, CA, right in the heart of wine country.

I do my web design work from home, or the Nu-Designs' office when I'm subcontracting my skills. Either way, I am set up with the latest software and hardware to create and design web sites.

To keep up with the fast moving technology world, I study computer manuals, website forums and take classes at Santa Rosa Junior College when my busy schedule allows. All these things help me learn new techniques and remember forgotten skills through regular training.

My strengths in creating web sites are:
Site Design
Site Architecture
Graphic Work (scanning, image prep, image creation)
Customer Service (very important)
Writing and Editing Text

My final, and probably most important strength, is that I love what I do. At this point I can't imagine doing any other type of work. I've taken on several web design jobs, and you can see from my portfolio that it continues to grow. I can use my experience to help you, so contact me.

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